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Get In Touch With Former Customers

Feel free to share this doc I created as a page in your newsletter, or any way you want to share. Personally, I used my tip about contacting customers who have not ordered in over a year. Did it by texting; sent to 3 customers. One said “take me off your list.” One said “I changed to a local consultant.” And one said, “I AM DESPERATE FOR MOISTURIZER!”That led to a phone call about all the moisturizers to choose from, and that led to me texting the LOOK BOOK and us doing the TOUR through it. Ended up with a reestablished customer and a $250 sale!


How to use them effectively:

1) Copy them & save them in your phone & on your computer for quick access

2) When someone says they aren't loving their skin care system, ask them more about what they are doing, what they'd LIKE to have as results and then give your recommendations. Sometimes people like to "think about it" so I immediatley send them a picture or link with videos, pictures AND the written advice I just gave.

3) GIVE THEM A DEADLINE for a deal. I like to say I'm sending you a quick link. No pressure but WHEN you make a decision in the next 24 hrs you can take advantage of the deal we have going on 'RIGHT NOW'. Either way, do I have your permission to follow back up in case you get busy & i don't hear back?


Make them shorter with a url shortening app like Bitly.

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